The 2015 Cabernet was aged in French Oak for 18 months before bottling.  The color is a crystalline garnet. With notes of Black Cherry, Oak, and pepper, it pairs sumptuously well with red meats, red sauce pasta dishes, and heavier deserts.  Order yours HERE!

The 2014 Merlot was aged in French and American Oak for 14 months before blending back together and bottling.  The color is vibrant ruby with a burst of bright plum aroma that almost jump out of the glass. With notes of Vanilla and Raspberry, it pairs exceedingly well with lighter fair, pasta dishes, and dark fruit.  Order yours HERE!

The 2015 Blueberry has turned out to be a true guilty pleasure!! Made from wild blueberries from Maine, these pearl sized berries pack more flavor and 10 times the antioxidants (according to internet sources) then the cultivated size berries in the grocery store. This is an all natural, unfiltered, non-GMO wine.  

Aged in French Oak for 6 months before bottling, it drinks like a grape based wine with a pleasant mouth feel.  Finished with 3.5% residual sugar, it is semi-sweet and still retains an amazing blueberry flavor with a surprising hint of spice.  Made from wild blueberries instead of cultivated blueberries, it carries a deep color of purplish red.  Enjoy before dinner or as an aperitif.  Order yours HERE!

The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was aged in French Oak for 14 months before bottling.  It is gaining some notoriety as an unexpected "big" wine that is now available in 60+ retail establishments, 4 restaurants,  and is available direct from the winery to your door.  It has a deep garnet, almost inky, color.  With notes of Black Cherry, Oak, and a soft peppery finish it pairs exceedingly well with red meat, aged cheese, and chocolate.  Get your before it runs out! Order your HERE!

Christmas in a Glass!  Produced once a year for the Holidays!  We start with our Cabernet Sauvignon and infuse all the holiday spices including cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, orange, clove, and star anise.   Serve at 155 degrees (like a cup of coffee) in a nice big mug, garnish with an orange peel, and wrap up with that special someone in front of the fire.  SO GOOD!  Order yours HERE!