Our Story
Castle Glen Estates Farm and Winery, LLC
“Quality and Passion”

     Castle Glen Winery is currently for sale as a result of a change in family status.  We remain fully open and operational to our guests.  We will remain committed to creating a premium experience for our guests as we transition to new ownership.

Here is the back story (by Ed):

    At Castle Glen, we’ve always believed that wine should be an adventure. Ours began a quarter-century ago, when we lived in Chesterfield, Va. About ten minutes up the road from our house was an amazing wine store called The Wine Cellar. The owner held wine tastings every week, and it was a favorite pastime of ours that soon became a weekly obsession. Some weeks, the tastings were all Merlot from different regions of the world. The next week it was all Cabernet Sauvignon. And on it went.

      The magic of wine had found me. I started reading, researching, and learning all that I could. The owner told me that if I really wanted to understand wine, I should make some of my own. I went out and bought a homebrew “make your wine” kit and set to work. That first wine we made with that kit was, well, terrible. I mean really, really bad! However, I enjoyed the process and kept after it. We started buying grapes and must (must is skins, seeds, and juice after pressing) and eventually started making some decent wines. Then we kept going, kept improving… and finally created some wine magic of our own!

      At some point, my wife kicked me and my equipment out of her kitchen and we moved to the garage. Then we moved to a friend’s garage (who was single). We accumulated lots of equipment and made lots of wine.


     In 2008, we decided to acquire enough land to be serious about winemaking. We founded our winery—or, rather, it found us—on our historic Doswell, Virginia estate. We planted our first vines in 2009 and began selling wine in 2015. And so our adventure is now yours to share.

The Vineyard

“We could, in the United States, make as great a variety of wines as are made in Europe, not exactly of the same kinds, but doubtless as good.” 

—Thomas Jefferson

Among his many accomplishments, our third president had an eye for good land… and great wine. Central Virginia’s granite- and sandstone-fed soil provides excellent drainage for wine grapes. Easy winters and a long growing season infuse our wines with rich, old-world flavor, particularly one of Castle Glen’s true glories… our Cabernet Sauvignon, as massive as anything you’ll find this side of Bordeaux.

Central Virginia


Plan on unplanned adventures in central Virginia wine country! We’re a short hop from King’s Dominion, but that’s just the beginning. Jefferson’s home in Monticello is one of the true wonders of the region… as is the University of Virginia he founded. Visit historic Civil War battlefields and experience living history at the annual Batteaux festival in Lynchburg. Make the most of the region’s biking, hiking, skiing, and water opportunities. And, of course, we’d love to be part of your roving! Click here to learn more.